TV Units – Viano Media Wall Units Grey White


Materials: Glossy Polyurethane; Matt Polyurethane, Colour backed glass, anodised aluminium.

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  • Featuring strong lines and intersecting planes, the Viano wall unit creates a theme which is made up of modular pieces, which, when assembled, embody current design trends for media display and integration into household life.
  • A series of wall panels supports various modular components that provide open shelving for media equipment and decorative display.
  • The hanging cabinets and TV unit provide concealed storage.
  • The TV can be wall mounted above the bench or used on a stand. The components can sit on top of the basso, where the L-shaped bench crosses over, so you are able to access them, but they are discreet.
  • Available in 2 widths, 2.6metres wide and 2.1m wide, and the unit can be set up in the reverse to suit different room requirements.
  • Available in Glossy White, Glossy Dark Grey and Glossy Beige, or you can mix and match the colours for contrasting effects.

Other Options: Viano TV Set
Other Colours: Viano Wall Unit Beige

For more information on other colour options, please call 1300 11 22 33.

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