All you need to make a practical study nook at home

More and more of us are spending time working from home as jobs operate increasingly through the internet. Here we discuss all you need to make a practical study nook at home. Gone are the days of stuffy old offices, now we can enjoy flexibility and comfort. Whether you’re studying at home, writing a book or pitching your next idea to your boss, you need an inviting and productive working space.

If we are to sit for long periods of time and be comfortable, cosy and inspired, there are a few key pieces that can make all the difference. So how do we go about creating the perfect study or work nook at home? Having the right desk is a good start. Here are 4 furniture pieces that offer sleek, adaptable and functional design whatever space you’ve got to work with.


Copenhagen office system


The Copenhagen office system is an adaption of the Copenhagen wall system, but has the option to incorporate a desk in the form of a simple L-shape attachment. The wall unit system is designed to be fully customisable to your space, and can actually be a sideboard, a desk, a bookcase, a TV unit a display case or shelving system.

Doors can be added to any part of the shelving system in grey, white, oak, walnut and green. This design is ideal for workspaces of any shape or size, maximizing on storage space as well as display areas for your favourite items to make it feel less ‘worky’ and more ‘homey’.

Cupertino desk


The Cupertino desk is a beautifully minimalist, standalone desk that has become a bit of a design icon at BoConcept, because of its elegant lines and ‘all in one’ functionality. Not just a working desk, the Cupertino also offers integrated Bluetooth enabled speakers, fitting neatly into the desk as well as ample storage with interchangeable lids so you can change the over look of your desk when you want to.

The speakers are covered in warm grey felt fabric, which offers a nice contrast to the oak and lacquered finishes. There are also pockets especially for easy cable management. It is customisable and comes in a range of colours and finishes, from lacquered black, to walnut, oak and white. This desk offers so much functionality, yet is a gorgeous addition to any workspace or study nook.


Cupertino wall desk


If saving space is the main priority for you, then the Cupertino wall office is a great option. It can be a wall mounted storage unit by night and a fold out desk by day or any of the above whenever you want in fact! It is a minimal design, takes up very little space, yet offers a convenient flip down desk when you want to work or study. There is enough room inside to store books, folders and stationery, while offering ample elbow space for typing on a laptop, writing notes or drawing.

When you need your space back, simply flip the desk upwards and it becomes a neat little storage unit on your wall. It comes in a range of colours and finishes and the beauty of this design is that it can be incorporated into any room in your home, wherever you think it works best. Similar to the Cupertino desk, the wall desk also offers Bluetooth enabled speakers for a full HIFI experience so you can use them as your home audio system too.


Lugano wall mounted system


The Lugano wall mounted system is a fully customizable storage system that allows for multiple configurations. You can personalize to suit your home with the help of an in-store Boconcept interior designer if needed. Designed specifically for media storage, this piece has pockets and compartments for keeping cables neatly out of sight.

As with the Cupertino, the Lugano can integrate blue-tooth speakers covered in a textured grey woollen fabric. Customers have the option of choosing 3 different depths, so it can comfortably store anything from books, folders, smart devices and paperwork. The list is endless. The beauty of this design is that you can opt for drop-down doors at any height. Hence units can be either a cupboard or indeed a desk function at hip level.

Simply pull up a chair, flip down your desk and your storage unit becomes an integrated study or workspace. You can also choose from a range of colours and finishes from white lacquer, walnut, espresso oak veneer or glass, to suit the style of your home.

BoConcept offers a large range of designer furniture you can use for your home office or anywhere in the home. You can view their full collection online by visiting Or talk to one of their design consultants in store at either Crows Nest or Moore Park to discuss your needs.

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