5 ways to make the most of your home office space

As more of us are starting to work from home either part time or full time, there is a greater need to create a comfortable and functional home office. BoConcept has a range of furniture that is beautifully designed but hugely practical for modern working schedules. Here is give you 5 ways to maximize home office space

Realistically, if you live in an apartment, your home office space is going to be smaller than most office commercial work spaces. So maximizing on the space that you have and making is as inviting and organized as possible is a key factor. You want to be comfortable, get work done and keep the mess to a very minimum, right? If so, read on.


The fold up desk – Cupertino Wall Office



The Cupertino wall office is the perfect space saving desk if you’ve only got a section of a room to set up your office in. Designed to take up minimal space, it can serve as a desk, a set of integrated blue tooth speakers as well as additional shelf space. Flip down the desk top from the wall when you need to work and when you’re finished, forget all about it, pop your laptop inside and fold it up against the wall again. When it’s in ‘flipped-up’ mode, your desk transforms into a cool set of blue tooth speakers on the wall, which can be your home audio system as you turn up the music and wind down for the day.


Chalk it down
(Image sourced from Apartment Therapy on Pinterest)


Cover a wall next to your desk in chalk paint, it’s a fun, inexpensive way to create a noticeboard to plan and jot down your to do list for the day or week and you can be as creative as you like with your chalk creations. Let your inner child play! Maybe you like to start the day with a motivational quote or you like to sketch out some creative ideas that spring to mind. The beauty of a chalk wall is that it’s fun, it doesn’t create all the visual clutter that a paper noticeboard sometimes can and the best it is that it’s completely washable, so you can wipe away yesterday’s thoughts and start with a blank canvas everyday!


Sound Solutions


Apart from using speakers as a home audio system, they are also useful for work purposes where good sound can be crucial for communication purposes. Whether you use Skype, video editing software, studying online material or just listen to music on low while you work for inspiration – setting up bulky speakers next to your desk with cables attached can create a real mess. So as with the Cupertino desk and Cupertino wall office having your speakers incorporated into your desk keep any tangled cables out of sight. You can simply hook up your iTunes or Spotify play list from any device to the speakers and press play. It’s the perfect discreet, space saving solution for all your audio needs – working (or playing!).


Desk storage


They do say a ‘tidy room is a tidy mind’ so on that basis it’s important to have the right home office storage. The Cupertino desk is the all-in-one solution when it comes to desks combining good looks with lots of storage just beneath the desktop in beautiful oak compartments. The Cupertino has become a bit of a design icon at BoConcept, with its petite frame, sloping legs and balanced proportions. It also comes in a choice of black or white lacquered finished with raw oak detailing for an injection of warmth and contract – this desk is a far cry from the typical bulky commercial office desk!


Wall systems

BoConcept Copenhagen wall system_Design Chaser

The obvious way to stay organised is to invest in an adaptable wall system where you can design it yourself – picking and choosing which parts to use as display units and which to hide away clutter or files that you don’t want to see. The Copenhagen modern wall unit is a great solution for this, offering a huge combination of options for a bookcase, storage wall unit, add-on desk to be combined into one piece. A truly Scandinavian solution to make the most of your home office space.

Check out the full range of desks and home office storage units at either of BoConcept Sydney’s designer furniture stores. They are one in Crows Nest as well as Moore Park and their friendly team of interior designers are always on hand to help you.

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