Bookcase – Bronte Bookcase 2.0m Modular Bookcase


Bronte 2.0m Modular Bookcase

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How To Style The Bronte Bookcase

Now available in a beautiful walnut veneer, the Bronte is a simple and elegant bookcase which allows you to store and display all of your favourite personal effects. With 7 different glass door colours and 3 different body finishes to choose from, you can mix and match to create a unique look suited to your style.

Consider colour: If you love the look of the walnut veneer Bronte with mustard and white sliding doors, make sure to stick to accessories in a monochrome colour palette for a stylised look that’s not too busy.

Think oddly: Mix up the placement of your books, shift objects to either the right or left and play with varying sizes and shapes. These simple rules will give you an interesting aesthetic that trumps the average bookcase scenario.

Allow Room to Breathe: Deliberate use of open space keeps the eclectic collection on this bookshelf from appearing too cluttered.

Mix up texture and materials: Make sure to collect things made of different materials so your bookcase stays interesting and personalised. Think wood, glass, ceramic, metallic.

Keeping the base of the room white, you can play with a variety of colours to add interest. If you’re having difficulty picking a colour, opt for green and inject it into your space with some lush leafy plants.

Material: Matt polyurethane with optional colour backed glass doors, anodised aluminium door tracks and feet.


  • The Bronte is a simple and sophisticated bookcase that is designed to integrate media storage, copious general storage and display areas within a small footprint.
  • The Bronte bookcase has been designed to be a full height, yet free-standing, feature wall unit, at just over 2.6m tall, also available is the smaller 2.0m tall version, for when the taller model can not be accommodated.
  • The option of including sliding glass panel doors enables you to have up to half of the storage space concealed, meaning the Bronte will meet your storage requirements, whilst the open shelving can be used to create displays.
  • The doors are available in a range of 5 glass colours enabling you to create different effects, choose different colours on a large unit to create a dramatic feature, choose one or two contrasting colours, or simply choose the matching colour to the body for a more muted effect that will blend into the wall like a built in unit.

Sizes & Options:

  • The Bronte is a versatile unit thanks to its range of sizes, its starts as small as a 2 division (1230mm wide) and goes up to an 8 division (4803mm wide), meaning it could be utilised as a small bookcase Sydney in a study or bedroom, or a full size feature wall unit. Refer to the configuration sheet for sizing details.
  • On larger units, you may select one of the central divisions to include a larger cavity, for the display of larger items, speakers, vases or a small TV, refer to the configuration sheet for dimensions.
  • The central shelf of each square display is adjustable to 2 points, if moved to the higher option; the lower shelf can fit A4.

Colours Available:

The Bronte unit is available in Matt White, Matt Beige and Matt Grey

The Glass doors are available in White Glass, Brilliant White Glass, Beige Glass, Grey Glass, Brown Glass & Mustard Glass

– You may select different colour doors to the body for a contrasting effect, or select the same colour.

Internal Construction:

Australian MDF with Italian Polyurethane paint finish (Matt PU has 5 coats of PU paint – 3 UV base plus 2 top); Anodised Aluminium; Glass Doors are Italian colour backed tempered glass with a matt polyurethane (Australian MDF with PU paint finish) frame.

How to Order:

Either select the unit you would like from the options above to purchase online, if you would like to purchase an alternative configuration or colour, please call us on 1300 11 22 33 to order over the phone.

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