Bookcase – Aperto 2 Division Room Divider Glossy White 2 Drawers Bookcase

APERTO-2-DIVISION-ROOM-DIVIDER-GLOSSY-WHITE-W-2-DRAWERS-6396Material: glossy white polyurethane with anodised aluminium frame & details


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  • The Aperto is a room divider display cabinet with a difference, offering shelving storage and the option for drawers, ideal for apartments with large open rooms, it can help divide the spaces but also create storage in the middle of a room.
  • The Aperto is useful for defining spaces within large open plan rooms, the open structure means light will come through the unit, and the Aperto is also finished on all sides, meaning it looks stylish from all angles.
  • The open style shelving allows light through, meaning you can create 2 smaller spaces out of one large space without completely creating a visual barrier, the room will still feel light and open.
  • The Aperto is a versatile unit, it can stand alone as a room divider, or be placed against a wall as a bookcase, this is particularly a good option if you have a feature wall and want to see the wall through the bookcase.

Internal Construction: Australian MDF with Italian Polyurethane paint finish (Gloss PU has 6 coats of PU paint – 3 UV base plus 3 top); Anodised Aluminium frame and feet, Australian MDF backboard.
Other Size Options: 3 Divisions

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