Astro wall mounted shelf


Plain white wall mounted shelves, with a decent thickness and no visible hanging hardware are really quite hard to find! The Astro shelf is simple, but effective.  Available in 2 sizes, a 1200mm or 900mm and three colours (white, grey or beige) it’s chunky design is satisfyingly robust.  So often hanging shelves are slim and do not make a strong enough impression in your wall layout, or they rely on frames or brackets to secure them which ruins the minimal aesthetic.


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The Astro shelves are fixed to the wall very securely, by way of a metal panel, which gets mounted first, then the shelf is hung over it with it’s connector.  It’s sturdy and secure, and easy enough to mount yourself.

Use the Astro on its own, or in pairs or multiples to make more of a feature.  The Astro shelf looks particulalry good when used with Beyond Furniture’s contemporary L-shaped TV unit and Basso storage unit as pictured below.

Made from honeycombed high density fibreboard to ensure its strength but also ensure it’s not too heavy for wall mounting, and finished in Beyond’s signature high gloss finish which is very durable. Create the perfect living room setting with Beyond Furniture’s living room  furniture range.

hanging wall shelf - Astro

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