Alba TV Section Combination Matt Beige


Alba TV Section Combination Bookcase

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Product Description

Material: Matt polyurethane body with optional colour backed glass doors


The Alba combines dedicated TV and component storage with an integrated wall unit.
You can choose whether to have your mounted TV wall unit to the backboard or have it sit on the TV unit. The TV unit section is open at the back to allow you to connect cables.
The Alba is the latest take on the new modular wall unit trends, the combination of the horizontal and vertical sliding glass doors is sophisticated and edgy.
The Alba wall unit allows people to integrate the TV and media equipment into the room, so the TV is less stark, it also makes the most of vertical storage making it practical for small apartments or open plan spaces that need more storage.
The Alba wall unit is a modular unit, with various options available to create different sizes and solutions.

Colours Available:

The Alba unit is available in Matt White, Matt Beige and Matt Grey

The Glass doors are available in White Glass, Brilliant White Glass, Beige Glass, Brown Glass & Grey Glass

– You may select a different colour door to the body for a contrasting effect, or select the same colour.

Internal Construction:
Australian MDF with Italian Polyurethane paint finish (Matt PU has 5 coats of PU paint – 3 UV base plus 2 top); Anodised Aluminium; Glass Doors are Italian colour backed tempered glass with a matt polyurethane (Australian MDF with PU paint finish) frame, and anodised aluminium trim.

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