A Practical Guide to Styling a Bookcase

Maybe you already have a bookshelf or wall unit that’s in need of a style overhaul? Or perhaps you’re starting out from scratch and you have a designated space that needs a new bookcase or shelving unit. In that case, it’s a good idea to invest in a fully customizable shelving system that will suit your space and needs exactly. This way you can choose how many compartments to have for displaying objects, how many cupboards or storage units you need for storing away unsightly items, as well as the height, colour and finish you want to suit your space. A good suggestion is BoConcept’s Copenhagen wall system. It is as practical and versatile as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Next, we share some insights into styling your shelving system so that it becomes a truly unique and beloved feature of your room.

A consistent colour palette

BoConcept Copenhagen wall system

Gather together all the potential objects you think will be going into your bookcase and start to decide on a colour palette. Choose colours that compliment your room as well as a range of textures, surfaces and different sized objects.


Lugano wall system

Add art to your bookcase to instantly boost the visual story that your items are telling. Art is also a good way to fill up space easily if you have a large area to work with. Break artworks up and place different sized paintings, drawings and photography pieces in random spots around your bookcase. Prop a group of books against a painting, to give that homely lived in feel.


BoConcept Copenhagen

As a general rule, go through all of your potential items and get rid of objects that you don’t want. A good way to decide on what to keep and what to throw away is to only keep items that are attractive to you, have some sentimental value or serve a practical use. If any of your objects don’t fit into these categories, either give them to your local charity shop (you never know, you might come home with a few more objects that you want in your bookcase!) or store them away safely if you don’t want to throw them out.

Books – vertical and horizontal

BoConcept Copenhagen Wall System_2

A good book collection is the staple of any well styled bookcase or shelving system. Some people like to colour code their books for a more organized formal look, others prefer to break up the colours and let the eye go to work creating balance across the entire bookcase area. Books create a welcoming, lived in, casual feel and the chances are if you’re a big reader you’ll want to see your favourite books on display but will still struggle to find room to display them all. Experiment with displaying groups of books horizontally and vertically next to a group of objects or one big object. Do this randomly but evenly throughout your bookcase. If you have a open ended bookcase, you can use a solid object such as the BoConcept Ball Mirror to prop them up, while adding another beautiful item to your shelf.

Add natural elements

BoConcept Copenhagen wall system_Design Chaser

Here and there, bring in some rustic natural elements such as wooden sculptures, glass vases, greenery, cactus plants or succulents. For some inspiration, check out BoConcept’s sculpture collection. If you’re an outdoorsy nature lover type, go for a walk outside and see if you can find any interesting rocks, pieces of wood or shells, depending on where you live of course. Think about the textures in nature and how much dimension you can bring to your display.


BoConcept work table wall lamp

Try adding a small lamp or two to your bookcase, you’ll be surprised how much a light shining on a few objects in different parts of your bookcase can really bring it all to life. Consider an angle poise lamp that fits either on top of your shelving unit or in one of the shelves at eye level. Also, try playing with casting your light over plant leaves and see what kind of shadow effects you can create – this all adds to the masterpiece you’re creating. The sky is the limit!

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